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My COVID-19 Weight: Doctor’s Orders

covid-19 weight

So, I know all of you have heard the phrase “you don’t know dick.“ Well, my question to you is, can you see dick? Yeah that’s right! When you’re standing straight up and looking down, can you see it? Or for that matter, can you even see your feet and your toes? That’s the first question I asked myself towards the end of 2020.

Then my doctor told me I had less than a year to change my ways or it would be cholesterol medication for life. Then I saw a news story about pandemic weight gain ranging from 15 to 17 pounds on average for Americans during the pandemic. The first question, “can I see dick?” should have been enough for me, but I decided to get on the scale and see where I was with my own weight gain. I was stunned. I had gained almost exactly 17 pounds and, although I could see my toes, I could not see anything else. 

My Fitness Guru

That’s when I decided to take our resident fitness guru Skip La Cour‘s excellent advice. This began with focusing on not only working out but also my diet. Skip can explain it much better than me, but I will share how I interpreted it. It’s important to control your diet but equally important to eat the right food, not just much less food.

The thing about exercise that he explained to me was that while lifting weights is important, it’s more important to get into a routine that I could be consistent with. Consistency is key. In other words, something I could do every day that I wouldn’t get tired of. Something that wouldn’t stress parts of my body that couldn’t take it day after day.

Finding What Works

I have a bad right knee from all the golf courses, football fields, NASCAR tracks and Olympic sites that I’ve had to run around carrying heavy photo equipment on, so jogging or biking is very difficult for me. The one thing that really worked for me was an elliptical machine. The elliptical mimics a running motion but doesn’t pound my feet and knees.

Now, I’m the kind of person that needs something to focus on when exercising, so I started binge watching a Netflix series called The 100. This series had seven seasons of a dozen or more episodes, so it gave me something to shoot for. The pounds just started falling off and by the time I finished watching the final episode I blew right past my goal of 17 pounds. I wanted to lose 10 to 15 pounds watching 45 minutes of TV every day on the elliptical and it freaking worked!

Progress Is Inspiration

On day 1 I could barely get through a half a mile in 15 minutes, but by day 10, I was running a mile and a half. Now I average 2 to 3 miles a day and a little over 15 minutes a mile. I am down over 17 pounds and my goal is to be at my wedding weight this June, which will also be my 20th wedding anniversary.

My inspiration was to see ALL of me when I step on the scale and look down, but it was also to lower my cholesterol and get healthier. I want to watch my kids play high school sports and hopefully walk my daughter down the aisle someday. If I don’t have my health, none of that is guaranteed. I know freak accidents happen all of the time, but I don’t want my health to be the thing that takes me out.

Join us in the Manopause Community Forum!

We’ve all had our ups and downs with weight loss and gain in past year, right? We wanna know how you’re doing and if you’ve managed to keep it off, we wanna know how! Join us in the forum here.

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