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Manopause is about 3 guys, Del, Kurt and Herb, who have crossed the 50 Yard Line of life and realize that their clocks are ticking. They’re freaking out about aging, popping Viagra, and trying to wear clothes that don’t fit. And…it’s about the women who try to keep loving them. Watch live below!


Del finds himself at a crossroads in his life and second marriage. He tries to convince Herb and Kurt that they all need to spice up their routine existence with a guy’s trip. Amanda and Beth make an effort to embrace Del’s new wife, Carol.


Beth and Amanda meet a hot new neighbor. Del sees a therapist to help him deal with a disturbing diagnosis. Herb and Kurt bring up their ‘guys trip’ plans with their wives. Kurt and Amanda are caught in a compromising position.


Del and Carol’s disconnect is becoming more of an issue. He begrudgingly has another revealing session with his therapist. Kurt is dealing with pressure and stress at work that puts his company on the line, while Herb navigates a patient without a clue.


Del surprises Carol with a romantic evening which ends up surprising them both in a disastrous way.


Ever wonder how a TV show or movie is made? We did too! So we made a TV show! After you've watched the Manopause episodes, check out the Behind The Scenes video to see how we pulled it off!

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