Sex Positions 101: A Perfect Starter Kit For Seniors

Published: May 7, 2021

Let’s Talk About Sex Positions

Chances are, that you’ve already tried one or more of these sex positions, as the more traditional positions tend to have the man in the dominant position. While everyone may like to be on top to feel like they are in control of the situation, there are times when a man or a woman prefers to have pleasure given to them rather than having to work for it.

No matter how thorough, an article like this offering sexual advice can never match the effectiveness of being a good listener and paying attention. Of course, if you’re over sixty and have been married to the same woman for awhile, you probably don’t need to be told about how important listening is to women, but that importance can’t be overemphasized, so keep in mind that. While the following advice generally gets a positive response, results may vary, and a man should expect to have to talk to his partner about her own likes and dislikes before he can consider himself a master of the art of making love.

Chances are, if you’re an attentive lover who’s always been willing to try new things and you’re looking for new tricks to surprise your wife of several years with, you’d both benefit from checking a larger volume dedicated entirely to sexual techniques and positions.

Some readers will find researching sex preposterous, but plenty of couples go decades without ever putting more than a couple of basic moves in their repertoire. The following should serve as an introduction to reading up on improving your sex life and give you a new idea or two for bedroom fun.

Some Favorite Sex Positions

  • Reverse Cowgirl

This is one of the basic sex positions with the woman on top. This position has the man lying on his back with his partner facing away from him while mounting him. Women tend to enjoy this position, but some men may find it uncomfortable. Men with smaller penises may find this position unfulfilling, awkward, or even impossible. However, if you find it to be feasible and satisfactory to both partners, it comes highly recommended. The woman can lean forward, back, or sit upright, depending on preference.

  • Chest to chest

As the name implies, this position simply involves the woman lying on her stomach atop the man. The legs are spread farther or held tight depending on personal preference.

This is an excellent position if stamina is an issue, as it allows the woman to release pressure on the penis by spreading her legs, thus allowing for a longer encounter. Some men report this position as being ineffectual, though, as it sometimes doesn’t provide nearly enough pressure. Like any position, the effectiveness of this one varies from person to person.

  • Rear entry, aka doggy style

This well-known position has the woman on her hands and knees with the man mounting her from behind. Many couples enjoy this position for its directness and for how easy it makes it for the man to control the situation. Very few couples prefer it as a regular position, though, as there is a compromise of intimacy, given that the man and woman can’t see one another face to face.

The position isn’t always as pleasurable to the woman, since very little contact is made with the clitoris if the man’s penis isn’t very large. This position is advisable if you need to t a quick encounter into a packed day, as a lot of pressure is put on both partner’s genitals.

  • Scissors

This is one of the popular sex positions because it grants both partners some control. The scissors position has the woman lie on her back and raise one leg, with the man straddling her lower leg and entering beneath her upper thigh. The woman can use her leg to control the tempo. This position is considered very intimate, allowing the lovers to hold one another and kiss.

  • Spread eagle

The woman lies on her stomach and spreads her legs as the man lies atop her. This position is more intimate than rear entry, allowing the man to kiss the woman or nibble on her ears, but can be uncomfortable for the woman when the man is heavier or has an unusually large penis.

  • Armchair

This position has the man and woman holding one another as in missionary, with the exception that the woman is sitting on an armchair, sofa, or bed, with the man kneeling before her. This allows both the man and the woman to better control the thrust of the love making as either partner can grip the arms of the chair for better stability.

  • Cunnilingus
sex positions

One of the most validating sexual experiences is receiving oral sex, but giving oral sex can be just as rewarding. To be perfectly frank, a lover is really only as good as their ability to deliver oral sex. The following should be taken as a suggestion of where to start if, for whatever reason, you’ve yet to really have any experience at the task of performing oral sex.

Expertise at the art of oral sex can only really be achieved through hours and hours of practice, and the whole experience will be more rewarding when two partners have been together for awhile and really learned where one another’s sensitive spots and preferences are.

A Few Final tips

Sex Can’t Fix A Relationship

Remember that there are really only so many different things a person can do in bed, and you could probably get through an inch thick sex manual in a few months to a year. Fancy sexual techniques alone can never be the backbone of a serious relationship, and while great sex can certainly strengthen a marriage, it can never really save one. Too often, sex tips are given as a sort of substitute for solid relationship advice. The following tips should be taken knowing that, as important as sex is, serious problems should be worked through with the help of a counselor, not the help of a book or article about sex.

Starting Slow: Foreplay Matters

A good idea is to start slow. Remember that you’re making love, not fighting for your life, so there’s no need to be in a hurry. In fact, you shouldn’t even be working below the waist until you’ve spent a significant amount of time in foreplay. Over sixty doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as “days are numbered”, so act as if you have all the time in the world for your lover. Even if you’ve spent an hour kissing her body everywhere but between the legs, don’t just go right for the clitoris, focus on her labia and everything else that registers a vocal or physical response.

Gentleness is generally appreciated, so relax your tongue and employ a soft touch when using your hands, but make sure to listen to your partner. Every woman is built differently and thinks differently and changes her mind often, so treat each time like a new experience, never stop listening and asking questions and trying new things.

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