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NFL Wide Receivers & Tight Ends Picks: Week 3 Of The Manopause Fantasy Football Preseason Tips

Wide Receiver Tips

Most leagues have two starting wide receivers and a flex position which can be filled by a third wide receiver, a tight end or a running back. Ordinarily you will need more than just two starting caliber wide receivers and some back-ups. The tight end position is different, as you only need one starter and one back up for a potential bye week or for the flex position if your league has one. In addition, you want to have a back up on your bench in case of injury and to fill in during those aforementioned bye weeks.

Tip Number One

As always, make sure and watch the bye week of the player you are drafting! You want make sure you don’t draft two or more receivers or tight ends that share the same bye. I’m going to repeat this one over and over again as it’s the number one rule.

Tip Number Two

Draft a tight end early, like round 4 or 5. Every team needs a starting tight end and they are not as readily available as good Wide Receivers. Also, after the draft, continue to watch the waiver wire. The waiver wire is where all the undrafted players live and you can add and drop players according to need as the season goes on. This is extremely helpful as players continuously improve, show out and get injured all season long. Same thing goes with tight ends, so pay attention! There are always steals and deals to pick up each week if you play close attention to the wire.

Tip Number Three

When it comes to rookie wide receivers, there are always a couple of gems who show up big during the season. Don’t be afraid to start a rookie wide receiver, especially if he was selected in the first half of the first round and he has an all-pro caliber quarterback running his offense. Tight Ends not so much, as you probably want to ride with a veteran, but there are always exceptions to that rule, like Kyle Pitts.

So with all that in mind, let’s get to it!

Here are my top 10 studs and duds Wide Receivers and Tight Ends: 

Stud Wide Receivers

Devante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Calvin Ridley, D.K. Mecalf, A.J. Brown, Justin Jefferson, Allen Robinson II, Mike Evans and Keenan Allen.

Dud Wide Receivers

Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Amani Cooper, Tyler Lockett, D.J. Moore, Robert Woods, Cooper Cupp, Courtland Sutton, Robby Anderson and Brandin Cooks.

Sleeper Picks

These guys also make great back ups in Leagues with less than 12 teams.

Jayson Waddle (Rookie), Terry McLaurin, Julio Jones (still has something in the tank), Chris Godwin (great back up if you have Mike Evans), and Michael Thomas (stunk it up last year but should bounce back).

Stud Tight Ends

Travis Kelce, George Kittle, Darren Waller, Mark Andrews (quick note: Waller and Andrews have the same week 8 Bye), T.J. Hockenson, Kyle Pitts (Rookie I was talking about in Tip #3. Remeber, Pitts and Kittle have same bye week #6), Dallas Goedert, Rob Gronkowski, Robert Tonyan, Logan Thomas.

Dud Tight Ends

Tim Tebow, Jared Cook, Eric Ebron, Wil Dissly, Chris Herndon, Noah Fant, Zach Ertz

Sleeper Pics

The Sleeper Tight Ends are: Irv Smith Jr, Mike Gesiki, Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith (note Henry and Smith have the same bye week because they are on the SAME TEAM) either one would be a great bench player for the other if you have room for just one, in case one is injured.

I hope these choices help you out in your fantasy football draft. Check out my other articles on position picks! Stay tuned for more recommendations, and join us at the Manopause Community Forum to talk shop!

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