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Week 7 Of Our Great Manopause Fantasy Football Tips: A Slew Of Injuries, COVID and Bye Weeks

A New Kind Of Manopause Fantasy football Tips

This weeks Manopause fantasy football tips are going to be a little different. It’s more about what not to do than what you should be doing when it comes to making transactions, dropping & picking up players off waivers and making trades. There are so many injuries, COVID cases and bye weeks you simply have to juggle your line up right up to game time, so be very careful!

Fantasy Football Trades

When it comes to making a trade the first thing you wanna remember is that it has to be beneficial to both parties. If you’re going to propose a trade, do not try to pull one over on another player but instead try to make it even more valuable for them than for you so that you can get what you need to get through your bye week or overcome an injury. Remember: trading is a big part of fantasy football when it comes to who to start and sit, and you want to be able to work closely with your opponents so that everybody can get what they need.

Picking Up And Dropping Players

When it comes to picking up players and dropping others the best tip I can give you is take your time and think it through. I made a rookie mistake last week when I thought I was dropping D. Hopkins (the kicker) when I was actually dropping D. Hopkins who is one of the top wide receivers in the league. I was using the app on my phone and trying to make a transaction quickly before the 1 o’clock games began and I inadvertently dropped one of my best players thinking I was merely dropping my second kicker.

Fortunantly for me my commish was cool and reversed it, but he was not able to correct it by the 4pm games so I had to drop a bench player to fill the gap… I still won but lost a good tight end.

Picking Up Players On The Waivers

Lastly, make sure if you pick somebody up on waivers that you’re actually planning on playing them or at least keeping them to the following week. Most leagues will not allow you to drop a player in the same week that you picked him up and you will see the word “locked” next to their name. This rule is in effect to prevent people from simply picking someone up so that someone else can’t have them and then taking them off the market until that weeks NFL games are completed.

This Week’s Sit ‘Em & Start ‘Em Lineup

Start em Quarterbacks: Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams, Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins, Sam Darnold of the Carolina Panthers, and Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Manopause Fantasy Football Tips
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa

Sit ’em Quarterbacks: Daniel Jones of the New York Giants, Jared Goff of the Detroit Lions, Zach Wilson of the New York Jets (as usual) and Taylor Heinicke of the Washington Football Team

Start ’em Running Backs: Damien Harris of the New England Patriots (I can’t believe I’m recommending a New England Patriots running back), Darrell Henderson of the Los Angeles Rams, Cordalette Patterson of the Atlanta Falcons, Chuba Hubbard of the Carolina Panthers and Josh Jacobs of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Sit ’em Running Back: Tre Sermon of the San Francisco 49ers and  David Johnson of the Houston Texans.

Start ’em Wide Receivers: Jaylen Waddle of the Miami Dolphins, Sterling Shepard of the New York Giants, Courtland Sutton of the Denver Broncos, Brandin Cooks of the Houston Texans and Michael Pittman of the Indianapolis Colts.

My Bonus Sleeper Picks for week seven: Darnell Mooney of the Chicago Bears, Hunter Renfrow of the Las Vegas Raiders Marquez Callaway of the New Orleans Saints and Mecole Hardman of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sit ’em Wide Receivers: Jacoby Myers the New England Patriots, Henry Ruggs of the Las Vegas Raiders, Cory Davis of the New York Jets, Tyler Boyd of the Cincinnati Bengals and our big bust alert this week is D.K. Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks.

Start ’em Tight Ends: Dawson Knox of the Buffalo Bills, T.J. Hockenson of the Detroit Lions, Mika Giseki of the Miami Dolphins, and Tyler Higbee of the Los Angeles Rams.

Sit ’em tight ends: David Njoko of the Cleveland Browns, Ricky Seals-Jones of the Washington Football Team, Robert Tonyan of the Green Bay Packers and Tommy Tremble of the Carolina Panthers.

Start ’em kickers: Nick Folk of the New England Patriots (bad week last week but will rebound against a bad defense), Mason Crosby of the Green Bay Packers, and Matt Gay of the LA Rams and (of course) Younghoe Kim of the Atlanta Falcons.

Sit ’em Kickers: Graham Gano of the New York Giants and Brandon McManus of the Denver Broncos.

Start ’em Defenses: New England Patriots, the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers.

Sit ’em Defenses: Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears.

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